Communications Factory

Communications Factory Annual Scholarship

We love being filthy, money-grubbing profiteers as much as the next Old Man Potter, but we like to give back once in awhile, too. And giving young folks a little shove in the right direction is the perfect way to do just that. So each year we look for a motivated, articulate high school senior with college plans on the brain. We give them a pat on the back and $1,000 scholarship to start them on their way. Want in?


       2017 Winner: GRACE PROROK


She’s just as sweet as her picture and smart money says she’s got big success in her future. She wowed us with her entry so she got the big prize. And we presented it in super secret surprise fashion even Ed McMahon would have giggled over. You can see it all on YouTube – and you’ll never look at parking lots the same again.